Meet Mitt 10.0

By Bill Maher

Mitt Romney recently held his fourth annual summit, and there are a lot of issues here – the first being, why does Mitt Romney get a summit? Why is he acting more like a former president, rather than what he is – a huge loser?  

Okay, he’s the for Republican sugar daddies and today’s candidates. I get that. He calls together the heads of all the pizza companies and is like, “I’m your old whore – meet your new whore.” In back rooms with Mitt Romney talking about how 47% of people are deadbeat losers is where the action is in the GOP race these days – not Iowa or New Hampshire. But shouldn’t they be less public about it? If Republicans want to be seen as serious champions of working Americans, and fighting wealth inequality, shouldn’t they bury the bones of Mitt Romney?   

I love the latest version of Romney, Mitt 10.0: Foreign Policy Elder Statesman. He’s Mitt Romney, not Jim Baker. He has no foreign policy experience. When he ran, he went to England – low hanging fruit – and embarrassed himself. But now he’s giving long PowerPoint presentations about world affairs where the kicker is, “I think… President Obama is the worst foreign policy president in history.”

That’s a reasonable statement for somebody who was born in 2009. The world has a lot of troubled hotspots, as it always has. But Obama didn’t cause these problems. Unlike the guy in charge just before him, who did.

Remember the third and final debate in 2012 – the one just about foreign policy? Even a lot of Republicans agreed Obama destroyed Romney. For one thing, Romney just kept on saying, “I agree with you, Mr. President.” He was leading from behind. Spent all his time agreeing with the guy who’s the worst ever.