When Cops Act Like Pigs

By Bill Maher

The latest disturbing police video to go viral is particularly disturbing to me. It features several Santa Ana cops raiding a marijuana dispensary in late May. The worst part isn’t that they wore ski masks, rammed the door in, guns cocked like Seal Team Six and scared the crap out of a bunch of harmless stoners, including a woman in a wheelchair with an amputated leg – clearly there for medicinal purposes – then proceeded to destroy all the security cameras; it’s that they had such a good time doing it. 

Such a good time that they accidentally forgot to destroy one of the security cameras. That camera recorded several officers playing darts, one of the cops – a female officer – joking about wanting to kick the woman in the wheelchair with the amputated leg in the “nub,” and two of the officers eating some marijuana edibles. Obviously the law doesn’t apply to them. It makes you wonder how much of the confiscated weed made it to the evidence room. 

A Santa Ana Police commander told KTLA that the department is “obviously concerned about the conduct that we saw,” and that an investigation is underway. But also warned that the video may have been edited out of context. My question is, when did wearing ski masks and destroying security cameras become official police procedure? That seems more like something that criminals would do. I know cops don’t like to be called pigs, and most aren’t, but what word would they like us to use to describe them when they do act like pigs?