Dick Cheney, Master of Horror

By Bill Maher

Dick Cheney doesn’t like the tiny changes Congress made to the Patriot Act. If we get nuked now, don’t say he didn’t warn you:

“I’m fearful that we’ve gotten far enough away now after 14 years, far enough away from 9/11, that too many people out there have forgotten what happened and what it’s like when it does happen. This is the danger that next time they’ll have something deadlier than airline tickets and box cutters.”

They say, after a nuclear war, the living will envy the dead, and they’re right, because the dead won’t have to listen to Dick Cheney gloat. But it does make you wonder: If America did what it did after an attack with box cutters and plane tickets – suspend the Bill of Rights, blow trillions on Homeland Security and start wars that killed half a million people – what would happen to our society if we were nuked? Would we even recognize the country that emerged? Something to think about, when we choose between Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz.