The News: Have It Your Way

When news of Obama’s deal with the Iranians broke I rushed to try and find out what the basics of the agreement were, and what people were saying about it. So I went over to The Huffington Post and read their headlines:

Great! Sounds like a winner of an agreement! I mean, if they’re already talking about a Nobel Peace Prize!

Then I went over to Fox News and read their headlines:


Oh, no! That doesn’t sound so good after all! 

And this is the problem with how Americans now get their news. It’s designed to reinforce what we already think, and in a way it never was before. It’s the age of partisan news. If you like the President and would like to have your news filtered for you that way, there are news sites for that. If you hate the President and would like to view everything he does as evil and dangerous, there are news sites for that. Independent thinking is at an all-time low. We’re all press secretaries now. We don’t study anything. We only know how to regurgitate the talking points supplied to us by our respective sides. And then we wonder why Congress is polarized.