The Wrongest Man in American History

By Bill Maher

I’m pretty sure that if John Kerry does manage to finagle a deal with Iran, it’ll be a pretty good one. Why do I believe this? Because John McCain doesn’t.

Give McCain credit – he is the most consistently wrong politician ever, with a history of poor judgment that goes back to his penchant for crashing planes and extends throughout his career. He was a big supporter of the invasion of Iraq, of course, because WAR! But it goes beyond warmongering. McCain voted for the deregulation that led to the 2008 fiscal meltdown, opposed letting the FCC enforce net neutrality, and – never forget – chose the most spectacularly incompetent running mate the nation has ever seen.

Even his noble causes have backfired: His successful crusade against earmarks is arguably what broke the United States Senate, and his signature legislative accomplishment, the McCain-Feingold Act, turned out to be too wobbly to withstand the Supreme Court’s scrutiny.

So now we’ve got McCain having multiple orgasms over Bibi Netanyahu’s speech to Congress and expressing his love by slagging John Kerry’s efforts to get a nuclear deal with Iran. On “Morning Joe”, McCain said that Kerry had accomplished “nothing but mileage” and “I think he’s given away the store, and I think he is desperate for an agreement.” He claimed that the Obama administration is under a “delusion” that Iran could be a force for good in the region and “this is what scares the hell out of these Sunni nations throughout the Middle East.”

First, any sensible person should be “desperate” for an agreement. There just aren’t a lot of options – it’s either an agreement or military action, and military action would be an unmitigated disaster for us on several levels. And while Sunni nations are wary of Iran’s influence, what actually “scares the hell out of them” is ISIS. That’s something to keep in mind as we’re getting another round of bloody-minded rabble-rousing from the wrongest man in American history.