Fake Food Fights

By Bill Maher

Earlier this year, the Israeli Health Ministry ruled that Heinz ketchup can’t call their ketchup ketchup in Israel. The reason? There isn’t enough tomato in it. A rival ketchup company tested Heinz and found it only contains only 21 percent tomato concentrate. The rest is vinegar, corn syrup, and the shattered dreams of America’s millennials.

This isn’t the only fake food to make the news recently. Coca Cola was selling a “pomegranate blueberry” juice that was only 0.5 percent pomegranate and blueberry juice. 

A woman once sued Kraft because the company’s guacamole dip contains less than 2 percent avocado. The rest is… well, I’d rather not say. 

Also, almond milk is only two percent almonds. Although to be fair, it can’t be easy to milk an almond. 

I bring this up because President Obama is currently in Lame Duck Asskicking mode – so why doesn’t he give Michelle the go-head to attack the food companies like you know she wants to?