Making America Great Again

By Bill Maher

Everyone knows that under President Obama the nation has suffered a horrendous setback. Meanwhile, other nations are laughing at us. They don’t respect us. That’s why we need to restore this country and become the leaders of the world that we used to be.

…That’s the refrain we hear from the Republican candidates, and one that is believed by the Republican Party. That’s why they say we need to vote a Republican into office, so we can put in place some pro-growth policies that get this country back on top again. 

Well, the World Economic Forum just released their world competitive ranking, which measures a host of economic data and determines which countries are the most economically competitive. And among countries with populations of 10 million or more the United States was, oh, #1. Among all countries, we’re #3 behind Switzerland and Singapore.

Yes, we’re beating China and Japan all the time. Bet you won’t hear that in the Republican debates.