America Loves Rich Assholes

By Bill Maher

The new Steve Jobs movie, cleverly titled “Steve Jobs,” broke box office records in its limited release, which is only surprising if you think movies should be interesting. I haven’t seen it, just like I haven’t seen the two previous movies about Steve Jobs, because what the hell do I want to watch a movie about a marketer for? A Mac has the same hard drive and RAM and keyboard as any other computer, it just looks a little cooler and the advertising is hipper. You might as well make a movie about the Geico insurance CEO. But then I started reading the reviews, and they all mention what a huge asshole Jobs was, and now I understand. Because for some reason, America loves rich assholes. Charles Foster Kane, Jay Gatsby, everyone on “Dallas,” Tony Stark, Donald Trump… I guess it’s because, despite the delusion Americans have that we’re a generous and kind nation, secretly we all wish we were billionaires so we could tell the world to kiss our ass.