Bernie $anders

By Bill Maher

Bernie Sanders finally did something to make the press sit up and take notice. He raised a ton of money. So now he’s serious.

You can’t really blame the press for this. They’re just being realists. They know that a candidate without serious cash is a candidate who’s going to lose, so why pay attention to them? So what if he got 20,000 people to turn up at a rally? Jeb Bush has a hundred mil in the bank; that automatically makes him a player, whether anyone likes him or not.

But there is an issue here, which is, if a candidate doesn’t get coverage until he raises money, how is he going to raise money if he doesn’t get any coverage? Take Jim Webb for example. I don’t know if Jim Webb would make a great president, but he is running, and so I wouldn’t mind seeing him on TV. His story may not be as interesting as Ben Carson’s (brilliant brain surgeon with the mind of a child), but he’s a lot more compelling than, say, Marco Rubio. Webb’s a Vietnam vet who won the Marine’s Navy Cross for, among other acts of bravery, shielding a fellow Marine from a grenade explosion with his own body. Which to my mind is more impressive than running Hewlett Packard into the ground.