Hey Republicans, Your Opportunism is Showing

By Bill Maher

Lindsey Graham is eyeing a presidential run. On Sunday he doubled down on his claim that President Obama's foreign policies "are getting a lot of people killed.” He said that Obama's effort to fulfill "campaign promises" (God forbid) like closing Guantanamo and ending the war in Iraq were "coming home to haunt us.” He also mentioned that some 300,000 Syrians had died, apparently something Obama should have stopped with another war. Which doesn’t get a lot of people killed.

I don’t seem to remember Graham saying the same thing about George Bush’s policies getting lots of people killed, and they were getting lots of people killed. Really. Like, over four thousand Americans. Tens of thousands of Iraqis and Afghans. It was on the news every day. But 17 people get killed in Paris and Graham takes to Fox News to unleash his wannabe president rhetoric. Because everyone knows that in order to keep Americans from getting killed, you don’t end the war in Iraq, you start a new one, one that lasts forever and ever until John McCain appreciates you more.

Republicans have lots of demographic problems facing them in the next election, but they have a more basic one that needs to be addressed: that everyone, even people who don’t follow politics very much, can see through their sad opportunism.