The Next Election Is Going to Get Ugly

By Bill Maher

As I mentioned last week on Real Time, Mitt Romney is running for president again – back by imaginary demand – but I do wonder what the Republicans are going to run on in 2016. It could be a campaign like Bob Dole in 1996 and George Bush in 2000 – “Sure the economy is good, but what about our values?” (The results? A disaster and a virtual tie.) Or they could run on hogwash and slander, likeBush I in 1988 and Bush II in 2004. (Huge victorious blowouts.) More reason to predict that the next Republican presidential campaign – especially if it’s Jeb – is going hinge on crazy, toxic, coded, trivial nonsense. Sex education. Bilingual road signs. A picture from 1975 of Hillary scratching her ass at Mt. Rushmore.

“…the U.S.had 6,371,000 more people employed in December than it did when Obama took office in 2009. So during Obama’s first six years in office, the U.S. has added nearly five times more jobs than it did during the entire eight years underPresident George W. Bush. (Bush’s total was just under 1.3 million.)” –

The next Republican will not be running on jobs.