By Bill Maher 

Is the new House Majority Leader an idiot? I mean, even by conservative Republican standards. Bakersfield Congressman Kevin McCarthy made his first TV appearance since being chosen to replace Eric Cantor and – surprise! – it was on Fox News. Chris Wallace asked McCarthy if President Obama was right to send military advisers to Iraq “or should he move further and authorize military strikes?” McCarthy never answered directly but he did say the word “strategy” eight times: “What is our strategy?” “If you don’t have an overall strategy…” “Lay out a strategy.” “What is the strategy?” “But if you don’t have a strategy…” “If you have a strategy…” “If you don’t have a strategy…” “Build an overall strategy…”  

Then, they moved on to immigration. Wallace asked McCarthy if he supports legislation that provides illegal immigrants “a path to legalization.” He didn’t answer that question either, but he did say, “secure the borders” ten times: “Until we secure the borders…” “The borders are not secure.” “Because our borders are not secure.” “Until you secure the borders…” “But if you don’t secure the borders…” “Until we secure the borders…” “Because the borders are not secure.” “Until that’s secure…” “Until the borders are secure…” “Because the borders are not secure…”

Talking points is one thing, but this is “Rain Man.” And, as if that performance wasn’t enough, in the Washington Post, Dana Milbank points out that McCarthy’s public statements are frequently indecipherable. Some examples from the podium:

“One of the most important I think that can happen today, Lynn Jenkins’s bill, an idea of fairness, the idea that when you look across the street from the Capitol, you see the Supreme Court, you see the statue sitting there, blinded in the process with the weights in-between.” And on the economy: “We’re in the fourth year of a recovery – a recovery of this administration that put in more than 2,600 new regulations in its fourth year, more than 60 that were major rulings, compounded on growth.” And on a charter school bill: “This is a great strength of a change making an equalizer inside for economy throughout.”

Even Sarah Palin was like, “What?” Is it possible that, in this majority leader, the Tea Party got a perfect representative after all – a complete idiot?