The Vapes of Wrath

By Bill Maher

The e-cigarette industry is booming. Particularly in Oklahoma, where the vape comes sweeping down the plain. Apparently the state has a heavy concentration of smokers. Many are desperate to quit regular cigarettes and are trying to do that with electronic smokes.

The New York Times reports, “In the last 18 months, the number of vaping shops in the state jumped from a handful to 300, with names like Vapor Haven, the Vape Hut, Vapor World, Creative Vapor and Patriotic Vapes.”

Oklahoma – which has a little more than one percent of the US population – is now home to six percent of the nation’s 5,000 vape shops. Talk about Marlborough Country.

Now no one really knows yet if e-smoking is better or worse for you than cigarette smoking, but the actual concentrated nicotine oil in the e-cigarette cartridge is highly toxic and will kill animals, small children and very thin actresses.

According to the CDC, “the number of calls to poison centers involving e-cigarette liquids containing nicotine rose from one per month in September 2010 to 215 per month in February 2014.”

The FDA just proposed a ban on the sale of e-cigs to minors, and that’s all well and good. But let’s not throw the bathwater out because of the babies. Let’s not have the rights of adults be once again be infringed by what some random kid might do.

Kids will always find a way to get high, and they don’t want to be doing their parents’ drugs. In fact, the kids today are now “beezin’.” They’re getting high by rubbing Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm on their eyelids. And before that they were smoking bath salts, and before that they were drinking sizzurp, before that huffing cleaning products, sniffing glue, smoking banana peels and licking frogs. And before they did any of that they were given Ritalin.