The Tea Party is Wall Street’s Best Friend

By Bill Maher

People keep talking about how the Tea Party and progressive Democrats like Elizabeth Warren have something in common: anger at Wall Street. But there’s a huge difference: The Tea Party supports just about everything Wall Street supports.

They want less government regulation, as does Wall Street.

Lower taxes for corporations, as does Wall Street.

They’d like to keep the minimum wage where it is, or get rid of it, as does Wall Street.

They’re just fine with Citizens United, as is Wall Street.

They want to privatize education and health care, as does Wall Street.

Most on the nose, they didn’t support Wall Street reform. How can you campaign on reforming Wall Street when you’re against Wall Street reform? You can say Dodd-Frank didn’t go far enough, but you can’t claim that Wall Street liked it. They didn’t.

Dave Brat, who beat Eric Cantor, campaigned on hating bailouts. But is he for Dodd-Frank, which as Barney Frank says has “death panels for bailouts?” No. Sure, some liberals say it didn’t go far enough, but that’s not what conservatives are saying. They’re just pretending to be anti-Wall Street.

I’ll believe the Tea Party is anti-Wall Street as soon as I see them launch a movement to draft Elizabeth Warren for President.