Same Ship, Different Day

By Bill Maher

The aircraft carrier USS George H.W. Bush has been dispatched to the Persian Gulf, along with the guided missile cruiser USS Philippine Sea and the guided missile destroyer USS Truxtun. You have to wonder if the USS George H.W. Bush being sent to the region is a fantastic coincidence or an intentional dig at George W. Bush? It is ironic that they’re sending a ship named after the father – whose restraint in Iraq is looking better and better every day – to help out with the mess created by his son whose recklessness in Iraq is looking worse and worse every day.

Meanwhile Sen. Lindsey Graham says the Sunni insurgency in Iraq is “another 9/11 in the making” and that “Syria and Iraq present a direct threat to our homeland.” The drama queen urged Obama to “put American airpower into the game” and “get people on the ground that the Iraqis trust. Maliki must go. Get a new government in place and hit Syria.”

Unfortunately Obama’s magic wand is in the shop. Am I the only one worried that Lindsey Graham, a guy who sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee, doesn’t comprehend what was behind the attacks of 9/11? The seeds of 9/11 were sown by American interference in the region. Our presence there is what freaked them out, and the US putting the Maliki government in place is what led to the current revolt.

It’s funny how Lindsey is so quick to throw the government that he helped install under the bus. But before Lindsey calls for boots on the ground, he should get some more facts on the ground.