EXCLUSIVE: Inside the GOP War Room

By Bill Maher

Let’s take a moment to imagine what it must be like inside a Republican policy meeting, were such a thing to exist…

Let's talk about the options we have, vis a vis Iraq. And I'm not talking about the options President Obama has. I'm talking about the options we Republicans have to take the opposite position of whatever position it is Obama ends up taking:

If he chooses to stay out of the conflict, to insist that Iraqis must solve Iraq's problems on their own, we could attack him for being weak! 

If he approves limited airstrikes, we could call it nothing but a pinprick that will do nothing to change the tide of the conflict, and is sure to inflame Islamic opinion against the US, possibly leading to another 9/11. And then attack him for being weak! 

If Obama approves airstrikes and some intelligence support, some "military advisors", and sends some ships to the region, we could accuse him of doing too little too late, not to mention taking the side of the Iranians, and then attack him for being weak!  

And if, for some reason, he did commit ground troops and declared all-out war, we could say this proves we should have never left in the first place, and then attack him for being weak!

I just think Republicans need to start thinking about their options. Although really, there's only one option, so how hard can it be?