GOP Name Changers

We would like to call your attention to Arizona’s 7th Congressional district and a Republican named Scott Fistler. He’s run for office twice and not done so well. It’s a heavily Latino district. So he had a plan: he changed his party affiliation to Democrat. And then had his name legally changed to Cesar Chavez. I’m not joking. Now he, conservative Republican Scott Fistler, is running for the US Congress as a Democrat named Cesar Chavez.

Finally, a Republican who has a strategy to appeal to Latino voters: imagining they’re all fools and then trying to trick them.

Now, you’d think this is the most ham-handed ploy to appeal to minority voters ever conceived; something so offensive that no other politician would even think of trying it. But apparently the Republican Party doesn’t have any better ideas, because it’s catching on with other members of the GOP. Take a look: