The Fat of the Land

By Bill Maher

According to the New York Times, a new study reveals that between 2001 and 2009, diabetes in children has skyrocketed. 

 “The prevalence of Type 1 diabetes increased 21 percent among children up to age 19, the study found. The prevalence of Type 2 diabetes among those aged 10 to 19 rose 30 percent during the period.”

Type 1 used to be a white kids’ disease, but the study shows that, at least in this area, black and Latino kids are starting to achieve equality. And we used to call Type 2 diabetes “adult onset diabetes,” because kids didn’t get it. We don’t call it that anymore.

Although the Times is hesitant to draw conclusions, the reasons are pretty obvious: We’re fat, and we make our kids fat. Not all of it is what they eat – a fat mom with diabetes is more likely to pass it on to her children, for example. And you don’t need a degree to figure out that a disease that makes it hard to regulate your blood sugar levels might be brought on by having insanely high blood sugar levels. 

The study itself confirms this, speculating that the uptick in Type 2 comes from, “minority population growth, obesity, exposure to diabetes in utero and perhaps endocrine-disrupting chemicals."

Beyond our fast food culture, our messed-up food supply, and our suicidal attachment to corn syrup, it can’t help that the right has chosen to politicize healthy eating. Sure, maybe Mayor Bloomberg overreached with his Big Gulp ban, but conservatives’ desire to shoot down Michelle Obama’s initiative and FDA school lunch guidelines makes no sense. Neither does Sarah Palin bringing cookies to a school because, you know, freedom.

Somehow, eating shit has become a political statement, as in, “I’m gonna carpet-bomb my system with a Triple-Stacked Western Bacon Thickburger. Take that, liberals!”