News Dump

By Bill Maher

 Just last week, Fox News – caught up in the frenzy to keep their Benghazi “smoking gun” erection hard – paused to go live, like all the other news networks did, to President Obama’s press conference with Angela Merkel.

Obama was getting questions you’d expect after a meeting with the German Chancellor like, “Did you come to some agreement in dealing with the crisis in Ukraine?” And he got some questions you wouldn’t necessarily expect, like, “Whatta ya think about that botched execution in Oklahoma?” But he wasn’t getting Benghazi questions. Grrrr!

And this irked Fox News. Why in the hell are reporters asking about a powder-keg standoff in Eastern Europe with international ramifications when there are more important questions about the adjectives attached to a consulate attack two years ago?

So they cut away. And their host, Harris Faulkner, said they wouldn’t return to the press conference unless somebody asked about Benghazi. That’s right. Take that, reality.

When you don’t have the time or patience for news conferences about actual news because they detract from your agenda, isn’t that evidence that you’re not so much reporting the news as pulling it out of your ass?