You Can't Hate Putin and Love Oil At the Same Time

By Bill Maher

One of the reasons for the confident spring in Putin's step as he blithely violates international law is that all the Western oil companies are behind him. In recent weeks, Shell, BP, and ExxonMobil all essentially said, Sanctions, smactions - we love this guy! (Mobil CEO Rex Tillotson: "Other than things like sanctions, which have affected us before, we don't see any new challenges out of the current situation.")  

This isn't surprising - business is business, and they've worked with Saddam and Qadaffi, so why not Putin? But it does put the drill-baby-drill crowd in an awkward position. Or would, if they had any actual scruples. On the one hand, they're all over Obama for not doing "enough" to punish Putin the Terrible. But at the same time, they love themselves some oil. Drill malishka, drill.  

Meanwhile, we all know how conservatives feel about solar energy: it's for hippies; it's a pipe dream, Solyndra, blah blah blah. The Koch brothers are actually running ads against it. Ads against the Sun. Seems to me that if conservatives really wanted to stick it to the Putins of the world, they'd be running toward solar as fast as they can.

And speaking of solar, scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory - aka the useless, wasteful public sector - have developed windows that also function as solar panels.