Polar Vortex: Brought to You by Global Warming

By Bill Maher

Someone once asked the question that, if there are so many scientists who don't believe in global warming, as Sean Hannity and friends like to claim, then why don't those scientists publish those findings in respected scientific journals? It's a good question, even though we know the answer.

On the other hand, a team of scientists at Utah State recently did publish their work in a respected scientific journal, Geophysical Research Letters, which comes to my mailbox every week along with my Rolling Stone, my Cat Fancy, and my Guns & Ammo. Their study said that yes, the strange weather America had this past winter was likely made more extreme by global warming. In fact, the pattern was "the most extreme on record."

The scientists looked at the history of the November-January patterns over North America from 1960-2014, and found that when they ran a climate model with human-induced climate change added into the mix - and also without - they found they could not replicate this past year's "polar vortex," or the California drought, unless human-induced global warming was included. It's like scientists tell us about hurricanes: global warming doesn't make hurricanes; it makes them worse. It also doesn't make polar vortexes and droughts; it makes them worse. 

Their conclusion going forward? "It is important to note that the dipole is projected to intensify, which implies that the periodic and inevitable droughts California will experience will exhibit more severity."

I wouldn't worry about it, though. It's not like we grow a lot of food here.