Student Union Busting

By Bill Maher

Unions have gone from representing about 35% of private workers decades ago to about 7% today, and a decline in the fortunes of the middle class followed. How did it happen? Just look at what’s going on at Northwestern right now:  

The National Labor Relations Board recently ruled that the university’s football players had the right to unionize. Cliven Bundy was pissed – he thought they’d be better off continuing to toil as slaves. 

These players faced a choice: they could either get a piece of the billions in revenue the NCAA gets, workers comp, and unemployment insurance, or they can continue the Cliven Bundy route. Over the past month, the president of the university, the head coach, the assistant coaches, and former stars have all worked tirelessly to convince players to take the Cliven Bundy route. 

The players voted on April 25th, but their ballots won’t be opened until after the university’s appeal to the NLRB is reviewed – and then only if the board sides with the students. 

People talk about liberal academia – but Northwestern is proving universities aren’t always liberal, and can be every bit as self-interested as right wing corporations.