Hot Topic

By Bill Maher

The company that makes Sriracha, the hot sauce that tastes like Tabasco had a baby with ketchup, is having a fight with the town of Irwindale, California. Residents were complaining that the plant was spewing pepper fumes into the air and making them sick, so the town told the company to shut down until they fixed the problem.

Politicians in Texas got “wind” of this, and sent a delegation to California to try and woo the Sriracha plant to Texas. Because in Texas, nobody cares if your plant makes the locals sick. Reps from Rick Perry’s office and attorney general/tea bagger Greg Abbot are meeting with the Sriracha owner today to try and lure him to their regulation-free paradise. Maybe they can build the plant next to a preschool, so if it explodes, it’ll kill a bunch of kids.

This comes on the heels of Rick Perry bragging about how he lured Toyota into moving from California to Texas with promises of tax breaks and low regulation (although Toyota says the decision had nothing to do with Perry or California’s business environment).

This guy wants to be president, yet he has no trouble pitting his state against other states in a childish game of one-upmanship. And of course, stealing jobs isn’t the same as creating them. It’s cheating, really.