A Victory in the War on Drugs

By Bill Maher

The US spends $3.7 billion a year trying to keep illegal drugs from coming across our borders, and yet in some 40 years of drug use I've never once had trouble finding drugs to get me high. It's what the kids would call an "EPIC FAIL."

But there's good news for those policymakers who've spent year upon fruitless year trying tobest the Mexican drug cartels: we've succeeded in getting the Mexican drug cartels to stop planting marijuana.

According to The Washington Post"Farmers in the storied "Golden Triangle" region of Mexico's Sinaloa state, which has produced the country's most notorious gangsters and biggest marijuana harvests, say they are no longer planting the crop." 

Wow! How did this happen? Must be that we've stepped up "enforcement", or maybe the DEA has finally decided to "get tough!" Or perhaps some other political slogan masquerading as policy. 

Nope: "…increasingly, they're unable to compete with US marijuana growers. With cannabis legalized or allowed for medical use in 20 US states and the District of Columbia, more and more of the American market is supplied with highly potent marijuana grown in American garages and converted warehouses—some licensed, others not."

"It's not worth it anymore," said Rodrigo Silla, a lifelong cannabis farmer from central Mexico. "I wish the Americans would stop with this legalization." 

 Yes, we may have finally figured out a way to win the War on Drugs. By ending the War on Drugs.