Bachmann Knows Best

By Bill Maher

You know, it's often said that we are experiencing political gridlock and that Congress - especially the "just say no" Republican House - can't get anything done. I think the last thing of substance passed in the House was a kidney stone by North Carolina Congressman Walter Jones.

But the House did pass something: a bill to create a bipartisan commission to just look into the idea of building a National Women's History Museum on the National Mall. Not to build the museum - just to consider the idea. And with all the bad press Republicans have gotten lately with their so-called "war on women," it's no surprise that the bill passed easily, 383-33. But not before Michele Bachmann stood to implore her colleagues to vote no.

Bachmann said, "Ultimately this museum that will be built on the National Mall, on federal land, will enshrine the radical feminist movement that stands against the pro-life movement, the pro-family movement, and pro-traditional-marriage movement." In other words, "You've come along way, baby, and that's a bad thing. You should be in the kitchen, pregnant to your breadwinning male spouse."

For one thing, Bachmann didn't like that the proposed museum would likely feature an exhibit recognizing Margaret Sanger as the "godmother of Planned Parenthood," and so, ironically, she wanted to kill it in its crib.

But shouldn't a museum present facts and reality, even those that fly in the face of your agenda? A women's history museum isn't "celebrating" feminism any more than the Holocaust museum celebrates genocide or the Baseball Hall of Fame celebrates tobacco chewing and scratching your nuts.