The Importance of Being Ernst

By Bill Maher

You may remember Joni Ernst, the Republican Senate candidate from Iowa who said voters should send her to D.C. because she used to castrate hogs on a farm, and that means she knows how to cut pork! Get it? 

But that ad totally worked on me. Because I unknowingly respond to images of things I like and don't like without using any other part of my brain. Sort of like when I hold up the leash in front of my dog. Boy, does he get excited! And boy am I excited about Joni Ernst. Because me like farm!

Well, now she's got a new ad where she's firing a gun at a range. Do you think she hits the target every time? Who's to say?

But Joni isn't just showing you a gun, and that she owns a gun, and likes to shoot guns like you do, at things, so you can feel that power in your hand as it recoils, smell the powder and witness the damage you've caused ...wait, where was I? 

...Oh, yes. The ad's narrator then informs you that you're seeing the gun to activate your pleasure center. It's because Joni is going to "take aim at wasteful spending. And once she sets her sights on Obamacare, Joni's going to unload." And that she carried "more than lipstick in her purse."

...Keys? Pictures of her children? A compact? I don't get it.

Now, Joni isn't very good at analogies. Or metaphors. Or logic. (She might as well say "I was a hotel manager, so I know how to take on a tough lobby!") But this doesn't matter. This is one of a few "Watch me shoot Obamacare -- with a gun!!" ads we've seen from Republicans. We even watched Democrat Joe Manchin shoot a "cap and trade" bill.

Why not just come out and call us idiots? You're holding up an object, in this case a gun, and saying you like guns too, so vote for me. It doesn't get more insulting than that. It's like if a Democrat spilled their latte on an anti-abortion bill. 

Why aren't more Republicans offended at this? Shouldn't they be? 

Also, do Joni Ernst's campaign managers know that one of the best ways to be popular is the Republican Party is simply getting liberals and the media to attack you for being a jackass and a hayseed? I bet they do.