Americans Suck at Voting

By Bill Maher

Iraq just elected a new parliament and, despite all the violence and threats of violence, turnout is estimated to have exceeded 60%. Afghanistan, a month ago, also had nearly 60% turnout. In 2012, the US had 57.5%. We talk about exporting democracy - we should import some. 

This is a big month for primary elections in this country. You know what national voter turnout is among the voting age population for congressional primaries? About 7%. We can't crack double digits. I hate it when people say they want "more choices." We can't handle the choices we have. There are plenty of people on primary ballots, usually, of all different ideologies, and we don't show up. 

The worst offenders? Liberals. I recently asked why Republicans keep advancing policies that everybody is against. Yeah, they cheat, and yeah, they use cultural resentment, but maybe the biggest reason is because Democrats don't seem to realize elections are every two years, not every four. In November, they should be the purple finger people, because it would be revolutionary if they showed up.