Science Proves Climate Change Deniers Are Nuts

By Bill Maher

 A team of psychologists in Australia have done several studies of climate change deniers, and found that they tend to have “conspiracist ideation.” That’s fancy PhD speak for a tendency to believe in crazy stuff, like that AIDS was created by the government to kill off African Americans, or 9-11 was an inside job, or we’re all being controlled by lizards from another planet (which is true, but that’s a separate issue).

I can’t understand all the mathy stuff in the paper, but their conclusion certainly jibes with the gobbledygook you get from deniers, which is full of accusations of cabals of evil scientists working in cahoots with, I don’t know, Elon Musk or somebody to make everyone install solar panels and be poor.  

But what’s really interesting about this paper is that the authors quote some bloggers and various internet deniers, and the publisher of the paper freaked out that libel suits might be forthcoming, and withdrew the paper. So much for academic freedom.