Jerry Brown’s Advice For Obama

By Bill Maher

Timothy Egan wrote an op-ed in the NY Times called “Jerry Brown’s Revenge.” He points out that Jerry Brown – at 76, California’s oldest governor – has taken the state from a deficit to a $4.6 billion surplus. We also lead the nation in job creation.

Egan points out that Brown is: “…tightfisted; always has been. Democrats own this state. And if, through Brown, they can raise taxes and curb public-employee excess — as Brown is attempting to do — they present a serious rethinking of the D brand.”

Asked if he has any advice for Obama, Brown said, “I would say focus on a limited number of subjects that are ripe for decisions. And I would minimize the fanfare and speechifying. Speaking a lot doesn’t produce a lot.”

Brown is running for reelection with a 60% approval rating while Obama is getting hit with some of the lowest approval ratings of his presidency. What does Brown know that Obama doesn’t?