Geek Chic

By Bill Maher

 Silicon Valley is in the news lately, for a variety of reasons.

First, Mike Judge’s show, Silicon Valley, is premiering Sunday on HBO, and it’s hilarious.

Second, there’s an article in The New Republic about how ageism in Silicon Valley is even worse than in Hollywood. A plastic surgeon says geeks in their 20’s keep coming to him because their careers are over once they start looking 35.  

Third, it’s been discovered that almost all the major tech companies –Google, Apple, eBay, etc. – may have illegally colluded to keep employees’ wages down, by agreeing to secret pacts where they wouldn’t go after each other’s employees.

Fourth, there’s a book out showing that makes Wal-Mart look like Mother Theresa.

Why do these companies get such generally great coverage in the media? Should Steve Jobs deserve his saintly status? Is new power just as bad as old power?