Pinko America

By Bill Maher

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) gets an awful lot of attention in the media considering the United States isn't a very conservative country.

John Sides, writing for The Washington Post, refers to a book called Ideology in America, in which two political scientists examined 7,000 surveys dating back to 1956 asking Americans whether government should do less, more, or the same in a variety of different policy areas - and liberal responses have been more common nearly every year. What's weird is that all that time, way more people identify themselves as conservatives, but the vast majority are CINOs - conservatives in name only. According to the scientists, only 15 percent of respondents are self-described conservatives who actually hold conservative policy views. Twice as many - 30 percent - describe themselves as conservative, but are actually huge pinkos. Combine this with the 30 percent who say they're liberal and actually are liberal, and this is a much more liberal country than almost anybody is willing to recognize.   

Huge majorities have long been in favor of Medicare, Social Security, Food Stamps, and basically any expansion of the welfare state not named Obamacare (which, actually, even most conservatives are for when you tell them what's in it). And now in the social arena, growing majorities favor gay marriage, pot legalization, and even things like assisted suicide. 

So why, if there's really a liberal media, is CPAC given so much attention? Why do so many journalists buy that these freaks are somehow representative of the heartland, and blindly accept that America is a "center-right" country, when in fact it's not?