The O'Reilly Bowl

Lest we forget how shitty the right wing media is, Bill O'Reilly was given the chance to interview President Obama during the Super Bowl pre-game show. And it proved one thing: O'Reilly and Fox genuinely have no interest in what's going on in the country right now. They just want to pin some shit on President Blackenstein. Here are the topics he asked about: Wow, that sucked, didn't it? Did you know it was going to suck? What about you lying about people being able to keep their plans? Sebelius definitely sucks - why won't you fire her?

Benghazi: Wow, that sucked, didn't it? When did you know it was a terrorist attack? Why did you let Susan Rice LIE? She sucks, right?

The IRS scandal: Wow, that sucked, didn't it? Why was the head of the IRS here at the White House so much? Wasn't there something shady and corrupt going on there? They suck, don't they?

Who's going to win the big game?

That's it. He had ten minutes to talk to the leader of the free world, and he asked about a botched website and two fake scandals. Three topics that have been thoroughly, exhaustively looked into by Congress. Three topics on which O'Reilly was virtually guaranteed that we would learn nothing new, partly because there is nothing new to be learned.

If there was a substantive question there, I suppose it was the "If you like your plan" one. But it, like the rest, was couched in the dumb presumption that continually badgering a person to admit they are a liar is a productive way to conduct an interview.

Also, it was an hour before the Super Bowl. The country is not actively falling apart. How about taking the opportunity to be non-shitty towards the President?