Smelting Point

By Bill Maher

Get ready for this: The drought in California is not caused by low rainfall, or even climate change, but by...liberals.

Yes, you're going to hear about a small fish called the delta smelt again, and how we'd have plenty of water for our farms and our people if we'd stop listening to those enviro-weenies and their insane wish that our ecosystem wouldn't collapse entirely - instead of mostly collapse like it's done in the last two decades - mainly because of the amount of water we divert out of the Sacramento River to provide water for agriculture.

The reality is that we don't have enough water to go around. You can take it from the Sacramento Delta estuary and deplete or collapse the ecosystem, the fishing stocks, the food chain, and the fishing industry, in order to give that water to the farms, or you can give the farms less and try to save the ecosystem and the fishing industry. But you can't do both. 

This is what happens when you house millions of people in a desert.