HPV for Vendetta

By Bill Maher

The medical journal Pediatrics just released the results of a study that looked at the question: does getting the HPV vaccine make young women feel free to engage in a six-month slut-a-thon?

The answer is no. (Sorry, teenage boys.) Getting the HPV vaccine does not lead women to engage in risker sexual behavior, or imagine that the HPV vaccine prevents them from getting other STDs. Basically, it doesn't change anything, except prevent you from getting HPV. Which is a good thing, unless you think cervical cancer is God's just punishment for skankery. 

I wonder what much of the 2012 Republican presidential field, many of whom jumped all over Rick Perry for requiring the HPV vaccine in Texas, has to say about this now. Rick Santorum was against it. Sarah Palin came out against it. Nikki Haley vetoed the vaccine in her state. Rick Perry recanted. Michele Bachmann said it would give your daughter mental retardation. Now, why would they be against this particular vaccine, but not all the other ones kids get? Hmm. It couldn't be because HPV is sexually transmitted, could it?