Welcome to "The Jungle"

By Bill Maher

While ordinary folks trade their privacy away for security, it's nice to know that there's one place in America that's getting more protection from prying eyes: Our factory farms. 

The industrial food industry doesn't like it when animal rights activists sneak into their abattoirs with cameras, and they're getting the laws written to make it illegal. Utah already has an "ag-gag" law, Indiana is considering one, and the American Legislative Executive Council (a pro-business think tank) has written a sample bill for other state lawmakers to introduce. It's like Mad Libs for lobbyists! The bill makes it a crime to "(enter) an animal or research facility to take pictures by photograph, video camera, or other means with the intent to commit criminal activities or defame the facility or its owner."

Can you defame someone with the truth? Yep, if they're hitting a chicken with a hammer.