They're Not All Bums

By Bill Maher

Suppose there was a single member of Congress who brought the tobacco industry to its knees, paved the way for less expensive generic drugs, expanded Medicaid to include all pregnant women and children, wrote the Clean Air Act, the Safe Water Drinking Act and much of Obamacare. Americans would know his name, right? No, 95% of people couldn't pick Henry Waxman out of a line-up. 

Now that he's retiring, I want to give him a shout-out, because you always hear people complain about Congress, "They're all the same," and "Throw the bums out," but they're not all bums. Some of them are true public servants. You also always hear things like, "The insurance companies wrote Obamacare!" Sure, they had their input, but no, more of it was written by Henry Waxman. 

For the most part, Congress sucks, but there are politicians who go to Washington for corporations and to line their own pockets, and there are others who go to write laws that benefit people's lives. Mostly it's people whose names we don't know, like Amy Klobuchar, because they're not showboats like Ted Cruz. We'd have a much better government if Americans were more interested in discovering "the good ones" inside the beltway, rather than feeling superior to all these bums who need to be thrown out.