The War on the Poor

By Bill Maher

Arnold Abbott is a 90-year-old chef in south Florida who’s been going down to the beach and feeding homeless people since 1979. But you can relax. The police finally caught up to this prick.

He now faces hundreds of dollars in fines and up to two months in jail.

It turns out Fort Lauderdale, like 57 other cities, has new laws restricting the feeding of the homeless. The idea behind laws like this is, if you feed these people, it’ll just encourage them to remain homeless or, worse yet, encourage others to enter into the sweet, sweet, free-food homeless lifestyle.  

On the surface, it looks like a kind gesture – feeding a fellow human who’s starving – but if you look at the big picture, you’re just endorsing their bad choices.

Let’s call Fort Lauderdale’s law what it really is – an attempt to deal with a very real homeless problem without spending a precious dime. Their intent is to starve out their local homeless so they move down the beach to a city that doesn’t have an anti-feeding ordinance… yet.

Don’t conservatives always say that it’s not the government’s job to provide a safety net and that ample charity can be provided privately through churches and generous individuals? Well, Chef Arnold is a generous individual and he was cited along with two clergymen and a member of his non-profit who were assisting him.

You can’t have it both ways. You can’t say I don’t want the government feeding the hungry with my tax dollars and I also don’t want decent, kind people feeding the hungry with their own money.

Forget the “War on Christmas” and the “War on Women” for a minute. Aren’t we waging a “War on the Poor”? What ever happened to the “thousand points of light?” Are we turning those off so we don’t have to see the impoverished and can pretend they don’t exist?