Zombie Lies: Climate Change Edition

By Bill Maher

The head of the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee is Republican Lamar Smith of Texas, which means he’s in charge on non-defense related spending on scientific research and development. It also means he’s got jurisdiction over agencies like the EPA, Energy, NASA, NOAA, and lots of other people who don’t agree with a single thought in his head.  

Lamar Smith recently got in an on-air tussle with an anchor on Bloomberg TV who asked him to respond to his contention that the latest UN report on climate change was “political.” 

Said Bloomberg host Cory Johnson, “Congressman, it’s science. It’s 800 scientists. It’s not some random guy making a prediction.”

Smith replied, “There are a lot of other scientists who disagree. For example, we’ve now had close to 18 years of no global warming even though carbon dioxide emissions have increased 25 percent over the last 18 years. Nobody can explain that.” 

 Uh, yes. Yes we can. It’s called a lie told with statistics, by using 1998 as a starting point. When is a news anchor going to call anyone out on this zombie lie? Wouldn’t the world be a better place if Lamar Smith got put in his place on national TV? I’m not saying this would convince Republicans that they’re credulous rubes being taken for a ride. They’d just move on to their next barely deceptive talking point, furnished for them by the Heartland Institute. But wouldn’t it at least make for some good TV?