Al Franken Shows Democrats How It’s Done

By Bill Maher 

Minnesota is a fairly, but not completely, liberal state. It gave two terms to Tim Pawlenty, and multiple to John Kline and Michele Bachmann. But while Democrats lost big races in Illinois, Maryland, Wisconsin and New York last week, Al Franken won reelection in a landslide. How did he do it?

He ran a bunch of ads where he looked directly into the camera and explained his efforts to rein in Wall Street. He said, “I don’t work for them. I work for you.”

Franken won in 2008 by 312 votes. He won this year by over 200,000. This is how it’s done, Democrats. If Hillary really wants to win in 2016, this is the campaign she should study.

Little known fact: while Obama always did horribly with white Southern voters, he did well with white voters in the North and Midwest. This is the only way you can handily win in places like Iowa. And what happened in this election is that Democrats lost those white Northern and Midwestern voters. It’s how Joni Ernst won Iowa by nine points.

Democrats should spend money trying to find out exactly went wrong this year, but Al Franken just showed them what to do right for free.