The Democrats’ Last Hope

By Bill Maher

The Georgia senate race may be the only good news Democrats get on election night. David Perdue was supposed to beat Michelle Nunn in a walkover, but suddenly it’s too close to call. (In 2012, Romney beat Obama in Georgia by seven points.) And it’s not that Michelle Nunn is a good candidate – she’s a terrible candidate – it’s because David Perdue is Mitt Romney minus the…whatever the hell was supposed to be good about Mitt Romney.

Georgia has the highest unemployment rate in America, and it turns out “problem-solving-business-leader” David Perdue solved all his problems by firing people. And shipping their jobs overseas. (Asked under oath about outsourcing, Perdue responded: “Yeah, I spent most of my career doing that.”) He’s Romney without the luge. He never did anything except consult with business, and the only consultation he ever offered was: Move to China. Something he hoped no one would notice until after the election. The news got out, and now Nate Silver calls Georgia "the Democrats' path of last resort."