Supreme Partisanship

By Bill Maher

The Supreme Court – now a fully functioning arm of the Republican Party – has made another plainly partisan call. But it’s okay. They did it for the right reason – to make sure white people retain complete control of America. They decided that Texas’ voter ID law can stand, disenfranchising likely hundreds of thousands of minority and poor would-be voters. You know, in the name of making sure two or three of them don’t vote twice.

Deciding corporations are people, allowing nearly unlimited political contributions, gutting the Voting Rights Act and now upholding these plainly voter-suppression-intended voter ID laws have exposed the majority of the Supreme Court – the supposed neutral, nonpartisan branch of our government – as being neither neutral nor nonpartisan.

Have we ever lived in more dysfunctionally partisan times? Well, people refuting that our country and our government have neverbeen more dysfunctionally partisan like to offer up the story of sitting Vice President Aaron Burr shooting and killing former Secretary of the Treasury and current face on the ten-spot Alexander Hamilton in a duel. “Sure it’s nasty today,” they say, “But they’re not shooting each other.”

Yeah but duels were pretty common back then. The duel Hamilton died in was his eleventh. And the animosity between Hamilton and Burr was political for sure, but it wasn’t so much a Democratic-Republicans versus the Federalists thing as it was that these two guys just personally hated each other.