The Price Is Irrelevant

By Bill Maher

A hilarious video is making the rounds on the Internet – but, to be fair, anything seems entertaining after months of watching people dump buckets of ice water over their heads. It’s a clip from “The Price Is Right” and the contestants are bidding to see who can come closest to the retail price of the “item up for bids,” which happens to be one of those lawn hammocks.

It’s a nice enough hammock – cushioned with a wooden base, not unlike Mike Huckabee – and all the contestants bid somewhere between 750 and 1,200 dollars. Except for the last bidder, Corey, a young man in his 20s. In what AOL calls “the worst bid in the show’s 40-plus year history,” Corey bids, “seven thousand.” The incredulous contestant next to him says, “Seven thousand?”

It’s hilarious, you see, because the guy is clueless. He’s way off. The actual retail price of the hammock was $880. How could he have his head so far up his ass?

I’ll tell you how. We now live in wealth-gap America, with a disappearing middle class and far too many people crushed by debt and living hand-to-mouth. The nation’s wealth has been siphoned to a powerful, rich few and the vast, vast majority of Americans have no idea what a non-essential like a lawn hammock costs. Seven thousand? It may as well be seven million. Because Corey’s not buying one anytime soon.