Cuba Libre

By Bill Maher

There’s a moral outrage we Americans are responsible for in Cuba, and it’s not Guantanamo Bay. It’s much bigger than that. It’s Cuba.

The New York Times editorial page finally called for a lifting of the embargo, saying that “for the first time in 50 years,” the changing situation makes this “feasible.” Really? Because I would say that it’s been feasible, though politically risky, for the entire generation that has passed since the fall of the Soviet Union. But Cuba neither gets the multi-billion dollar “constructive engagement” that China does nor the outright friendship that Saudi Arabia gets, though they are not in any measurable way “worse” than those regimes.

Cuba is still on our list of state sponsors of terrorism, even though their backing of Central American rebels, which started in 1982, has long since been withdrawn. This isn’t just regionally dumb – it undermines the legitimacy of that entire list.

Today, Cuba is optimistically building a seaport, which will only succeed if America’s embargo is lifted. It’s yet another attempt to alleviate the vast amount of human misery caused by their economic isolation.

I’m glad the Times has come around, but it’s already comically late. If there’s a single geopolitical or moral rationale for maintaining the embargo anymore, I haven’t heard it. Even the exile community that props up the embargo can’t list a single good thing that has come of it. And besides, for all its flaws, we do owe Cuba a debt of gratitude for devising the greatest sandwich the world has ever known.