Territorial Dispute

By Bill Maher

After a lifetime in Virginia doing nothing much, Liz Cheney realized that what she really needs to do is represent Wyoming in the United States Senate. Never mind that she was born in Wisconsin, on a night when the moon turned the color of blood. But Wisconsin/Wyoming…same diff.

She’s challenging a right-wing cipher named Mike Enzi, and she doesn’t have any obvious policy differences with him; she’s just a Cheney, and the artificial heart wants what it wants.

Personally, I think she wants to be someone’s vice president when they run against Hillary.

The Wyoming thing doesn’t look like it’s happening. Early polling of Republicans found Enzi had the support of 55% of primary voters, versus Cheney with 21%. On a personality level, Enzi has a 76% favorability rating and Cheney has 45%, while 38% of primary voters have no opinion of her one way or another. So the Cheney name isn’t magic. Although, if you say it three times, you can give a cow a miscarriage.

The really galling thing is that Wyoming – a whole state with the same population as Denver – gets the same number of senators as California.

I know this is a dead horse, and small states have interests, and the wisdom of the system and the Framers and blahblahblah, but California has 66 times the population of Wyoming. And the same representation in the Senate.

I’m not making this up: You know how many escalators there are in Wyoming? Two. It has the same number of escalators and senators.

It’s not a cute little quirk in the system. And it’s an insult to states with three or more escalators.