By Bill Maher

John Avlon of The Daily Beast wrote that Republicans could take a cue from Pope Francis. This guy is doing everything the GOP should be doing to ensure its survival. He is reaching out to Latinos and taking on the conservative fringe of his organization. Pope Benedict famously argued that a smaller church of more devout believers would be more desirable than a “big tent.” Avlon points out that the GOP is still thinking like Benedict: “Much of the modern Republican Party is seems content preaching to a smaller and smaller choir.”

The comparisons are pretty obvious, and fascinating. But I have to point out is that the Republican Party's problems might actually be deeper and less curable than the 2,000 year-old Church’s. Mostly because if there’s one thing the Catholics know how to do better than Republicans, it’s reach out to non-whites. The Church has been reaching out to brown people for hundreds of years, whether they like it or not. And they’re all welcome in the big tent as long as they smile and stand up straight and proudly profess their belief in the same ancient, revered pile of bullshit.

When it comes to the Republican pile of bullshit, it doesn’t matter how deeply you believe in it – you just have to learn to say it in English dammit! And you have to accept families being broken up to uphold the “rule of law,” and those families then being separated by a new, high-tech border fence.

Democrats could also take a lesson from Pope Francis. While in Brazil, he toured slums and rallied against greed, corruption and the growing divide between rich and poor. Anybody remember those Democratic issues?

And Anthony Weiner can take a cue from Pope Benedict – retire and keep your robe closed.