The Mexican Pill

By Bill Maher

Despite the spectacular filibuster by Wendy Davis and the threat of being pelted by feminine hygiene products, Texas Governor Rick Perry signed a controversial abortion bill into law that will force a vast number of abortion providers to close their doors. I guess Rick Perry thinks that if his “oops moment” ruined his life, a teenage girl’s “oops moment” should ruin hers as well. 

Texas women looking for an abortion could now have to head south of the border to “La Farmacia,” where they sell a drug called misoprostol – brand name Cytotec – that can induce miscarriages. In Mexico they call it the pill to “bring back a woman’s period.”

In the United States, RU-486 pills can cost between $300 and $800, while The New York Times reports that misoprostol is available across the border for $35 for a box of 28 pills. The problem is that Searle, the manufacturer of Cytotec, has specifically said that its drug is not intended for use in abortions, and the warning label on the bottle says that it is not to be used by pregnant women. And self-abortion can be tricky. Misoprostol used alone often doesn’t work. Consequently, the woman buys more pills, pursues more expensive surgical abortions, or gives birth later to a child with severe birth defects.

When will Republicans realize that outlawing abortion won’t stop abortion, but just make getting one more dangerous? And that the problem isn’t Mexicans streaming into America, it’s pregnant American women streaming into Mexico.