Obama's Conflict Resolution

By Bill Maher

The President's job approval has taken a dive in recent weeks, especially among independents, which I think reflects the reality that Washington is completely useless and accomplishing nothing, and he's the guy in charge of the uselessness. 

But I do want to say something in praise of Obama: perhaps the most important thing he's done while in office is what he hasn't done, and that's gotten us involved in wars in the Middle East. We didn't get involved in Iran. We didn't get involved in Egypt. We only got barely involved in Libya, and now we're getting barely involved in Syria.

Sure, between the drone strikes and the useless Afghan surge he hasn't exactly lived up to his Nobel Peace Prize, but he has now kept us out of four wars, ended the Iraq War, and is in the process of ending Afghanistan.

Sometimes the best thing a person can do is to use a little wisdom, know your limits, and not get involved in dangerous situations.

Ain't that right, George Zimmerman?

This isn't something that's going to get a lot of attention or win a lot of plaudits because Obama isn't actively doing anything. He's not doing something. But if I had to pick the thing I've appreciated about Obama the most, it's his repeated refusal to send our troops into yet another useless clusterfuck in the Middle East.

Consider the alternatives: John McCain and Sarah Palin or Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Does anyone think either of those tickets would have kept us out of four conflicts and wound down two wars?

Me neither.