Sweet Home

By Bill Maher

Here's why the House is unlikely to pass immigration reform, and why the Republicans are so deeply screwed: At some point this summer, those congressmen are going home.

They'll talk about immigration reform reasonably until their upcoming recess, and then go home to their districts, where the town halls in their gerrymandered, deeply conservative districts will be full of the same white, angry tea-baggers who almost scuttled healthcare reform in 2009.

And then they'll come back and refuse to vote for anything except border security stuff, and the idea of "reform" will die, and national-level Republicans will have quiet but intense conniption fits because their base will have walked them one step further off the cliff.

The Republican Party now finds itself in the same position as Lynyrd Skynyrd -- half dead, and their need to keep their old fan base means they can't update and can't appeal to any newer fans. Skynyrd's recently had two more members die on them, and they released an album last year that is more chock full o' redneck, Tea-bagger pandering than ever.

Sample lyric:
She's got a gun rack
Knows how to throw ‘em back
She'll run the table but you'll never get your money back
She makes me crazy -- but she's my baby
She knows that Jesus is the only one who saves me

They're exactly like the Republican House -- they're dumb, defiant, religious, and just as likely to produce meaningful legislation.

But I love "Freebird."