Aborter Patrol

By Bill Maher

Texas has passed its strict anti-abortion bill, which will greatly scale back women's reproductive rights and close almost all the abortion clinics in the state. And North Carolina's legislature just tried to trick out its anti-Sharia law bill with a bunch of prohibitive anti-abortion measures and, when the governor said he wouldn't sign it, they inserted the same anti-abortion measures into -- I'm not kidding -- a motorcycle safety bill.

North Carolina's Senate Bill 353, which was previously known as the "Motorcycle Safety Act" is now titled "Health and Safety Law Changes." And why not? Whether you're making a biker wear a helmet or forcing a teenage girl to have a rape baby, it's all just saving lives, right?

This big, brazen anti-abortion push has been going on in Republican-led state legislatures all over the country in the wake of the Kermit Gosnell trial. You remember Kermit. He's the Philadelphia abortion doctor who gave conservatives their slippery slope. He ran an unregulated house of horrors where he had cats wandering around his procedure room, kept fetus feet in a plastic jug and offered women abortions basically up until the day their kids were about to enter pre-school.

But this guy is a creep and a criminal, and the exception to the rule. Almost all abortion clinics operate within the law in a safe, sterile environment. Dr. Gosnell's case is an isolated one that proves that the problem, as gun advocates frequently say, isn't that we need new or stricter laws -- it's that we need to enforce the laws we already have.

And that's the interesting twist. After the Newtown/Sandy Hook shooting, President Obama was widely accused by Republicans of "exploiting the tragedy" and trying to restrict gun rights on the backs of dead children. I know -- one of those rare moments when they questioned Obama's motives.

But isn't that exactly what Republicans are doing with these draconian maneuvers, twisting helmet laws into anti-abortion measures? Aborted fetuses, to them, are dead children. And on the backs of Kermit Gosnell's dead children, they're trying to do exactly what they accused Obama of doing -- exploiting a tragic aberration to enact new regulations.