Fasting and Furious

By Bill Maher

Our detention center down in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba currently holds 166 detainees. They are booked solid through Labor Day. If you're a terrorist trying to get in, the best they can do is put your name down and call you if they get a cancellation.

And by "a cancellation," I mean "death by starvation." Currently 104 of the 166 detainees are participating in a hunger strike. They've been there forever and there's no real path to their freedom. Under those circumstances, I might not be hungry either.

Nothing seems to be able to make these guys eat. They've tried everything, including Taco Tuesdays. So now what they're doing is force-feeding them. Twice a day, 44 of the hunger strikers are placed in a chair, a rubber tube is stuffed up their nose and down into their stomachs and a liquid nutritional supplement is pumped into their gullets.

The fact is Guantanamo never had a definable end game. Why, it's almost as if it was conceived by an administration known for not thinking shit through. But I get it. In the wake of an attack, it's human nature to overcorrect and to err on the side of caution. Only in hindsight do we now realize that interning Japanese Americans during World War II was an unnecessary misstep. But at the time, when we weren't sure of the danger level or if our very existence was at stake, we decided extraordinary times called for extraordinary measures. Cut to 2003: "Get in the box, Gohar."

If these really are dangerous terrorists who mean America harm, who cares if they starve themselves to death? And if they're not dangerous terrorists -- if some are guys who got rounded up by mistake due to faulty intelligence -- then what the hell are we doing?

Plus, how could it be our duty to kill known terrorists with drones in Yemen but also our duty to prevent known terrorists from killing themselves at Guantanamo? Look, if we've got enough evidence to hold these guys, we have enough evidence to drone-strike them, right? So, if we're not going to let them "off" themselves, why not let them go, then vaporize them from the sky?